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Consultancy & Facilitation 

SBi works with our clients when additional expertise, a deeper understanding, and a wider perspective are needed. 

We work with you to facilitate bespoke inclusive strategy through cultural transformation. Supporting you establish inclusive behaviours, sustainable inclusive leadership, and successfully facilitate true psychological safety.


These can be rolled out at every level of the business ensuring a productive and empowered workforce. 

We Consult On...

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"Sarah is one of the best advocates of inclusion and diversity at work and in life I have ever met. The people she attracts to her events are equally intelligent, thought-provoking organisational leaders and professionals who are trying to educate the world on the importance of a more inclusive society. Sarah is one of the most experienced professionals in promoting inclusion at work. If you are not sure where to begin, you should definitely drop Sarah a line. She can help guide you and your organisation."

John Allen, Mental Health Consultant 

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