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Inclusive Leadership

The way we work is changing and understanding your workforce better is crucial. Gaining inclusive leadership skills is essential to effectively optimising productivity and empowering your workforce to embrace difference.

In This Workshop You Will...


Explore the impact of leadership behaviour on your team dynamics or your client relationships. Learn about leadership behaviours that instil psychological safety, and what skills can get you there.


Build a tangible new skillset necessary to begin to establish effective leadership behaviours, encouraging your workforce to respect, value, and embrace difference. 


Explore real-life scenarios to effectively contextualise and learn how to apply simple processes to challenge the status quo, and establish the trust and agreeable disagreement needed to truly innovate. 


Empower your workforce to recognise inclusive leadership behaviours and create psychological safety. Learn how to actively encourage each member of your team to effectively challenge leadership, drive productivity, and learn from each other.

Who Is The Workshop Aimed At?

  • SMEs, Teams, or individuals looking to build a foundational understanding of inclusive leadership & begin to equip themselves with the skills required to emotionally connect, actively engage & recognise the power of diversity within an inclusive environment.

  • We recommend that these workshops have no more than 15 people per session. This facilitates optimal learning. 

  • Multiple workshops can be booked, discounts are available for multiple bookings.

  • Email us for more information

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Suzanne Thompson, Unity Works

"During lockdown, Sarah’s Let’s Stay Connected weekly events have been a lifeline. This has provided me with a safe space to talk, make contact with others and understand how lockdown has affected me...Sarah has helped me think more about myself and learn how to switch off ‘work mode’- something that has been very hard to do when we are suddenly living at work!"

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