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Global Equality Collective & SBi

Updated: May 19, 2022

We are thrilled to announce SBi has joined forces and is a new member of the Global Equality Collective!

Candid discussions about the realistic expectations on inclusive cultural transformation without equipping our senior leadership with the truly effective arsenal to instil psychological safety.

Circle with text saying 'I'm in the Global Equality Collective

Not to fear, this can be done. Breathe, grab a cuppa, and take a seat as we, Cat Wildman, Co-Founder of the GEC, and yours truly, help you navigate tricky conversations, and turn conceptual blue-sky thinking into tangible, deliverable, desirable sustainable inclusive cultural transformation strategy.

We all want our workforce to perform and innovate, and generally excel, right? But this does not happen by accident. Begin your cultural transformation today.

We’ll talk about:

  • Navigating difficult conversations,

  • Breaking down fear to develop fearlessness

  • Actively improve team dynamics

  • And, contextualising concepts, how we can truly challenge and equip ourselves to instil inclusive behaviours

We can grow tangible skillsets to develop respect, genuinely value, and embrace difference!

This is something I’m excited to bring to light as my initial topic with the GEC! Psychological Safety is a hot topic! But going from conceptual awareness to actionable, sustainable deliverables, are two very different things! Sneak peek at our first conversation on here. Some see this as a daunting, even an impossible, task – not us! We’ll guide you through. With our taster sessions, we’ll give you the confidence to see that building a sustainable, inclusive culture is a journey full of opportunities. We explore successful innovative delivery is not a direct result of psychological safety alone.

We will open your eyes to tangible skillsets, explicitly designed to instil inclusive, leadership behaviours, establish and sustain a psychologically safe environment, and level the importance of a positive climate in senior suites, where inclusive cultural transformation is not only on your organisational horizon but substantially embedded in your strategy!

Learn about behaviours you want to seek out in leaders – it may surprise you! Learn that charisma may not be all it’s cracked up to be.


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