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Mindful Leadership

Mental health is central to general wellness and it is vital that mental health awareness should be brought into our day to day.

Understanding the need to integrate mental health and wellbeing is driving valuable conversations and is integral to effective inclusive strategy and inclusive leadership.

In this transitional period and beyond we need to be mindful to actively engage with our workforce to establish inclusive, dynamic strategy to effectively mould and accommodate individual differences in a positive way. If we do this right, this enables us to optimise productivity and performance and truly empower your workforce and other key stakeholders. Inclusive leadership is made up of a variety of complex soft skills that need to be carefully and mindfully honed. Inclusive leadership brings together nicely unconscious bias, a real understanding of the buzz words that can be over-used or jargonistic and therefore sadly, often not properly understood. Inclusive leadership ties active engagement, how to embed and lead by example and most importantly how to respect, value and embrace difference. My masterclass will enable you to build a solid skillset and establish robust toolkit that is context driven, meaning - it is malleable, flexible and has broader utility than a prescriptive, constricted leadership process. Learning new ways to establish mindful connections to your workforce and how they work best allows authenticity and enthusiasm to shine and people to thrive. Establish novel metrics that support useful actionable steps. Get outside your comfort zone at your own pace, designing strategy that works for all your stakeholders where everyone benefits. Learn how to communicate effectively, how to hold yourself and others to account, learn how to become a united, value driven, workforce. We need to remember, to see the true benefits of a diverse workforce, we first need to establish inclusive processes. A common confusion and misconception when we talk about Equity, Diversity and Inclusion is that the difference between generating a list of initiatives and creating a strategic plan, involving change management processes and full organisation commitment. This is the biggest hurdle in many organisational journeys.

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